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Super Meat Boy-esque type of platformer, with the main objective is to become red, like pretty much everything in its world.

My entry for the Weekly Game Jam week 32! Theme : Missing piece.

Controls :

Left/Right arrow = Move left and right respectively
Spacebar = Jump/Respawn/Continue
Down arrow = Move downwards faster/ jump down platforms
Left Shift = Horizontal speed up
Z = Float

NOTE : As of now, finishing the level and pressing space ends the game.


wgj_week32_2018_vera005_demo.zip 2 MB


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I actually really like the mechanics in this game.  As a fan of precision platformers like Meat Boy and the Wannabe games, I loved the format of this game.

The only thing that was a little bit jarring for me was the inconsistency on the wall jumps. There seems to be a fairly generous frame window in executing it properly, but the speed at which you pop off the wall always startles me. It seems around the same as holding Shift, so I might suggest making the speed of a wall jump and holding away from the wall about the same as not holding Shift, since as it is, if you don't hold Shift, you suddenly lose that momentum in the air at a random point, which feels a little weird.

Otherwise, a really solid concept. I actually might save this game and try to figure out something of a speedrun for this level; the Sprint and Float mechanics together make for some interesting optimisation strats. ^^

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Thank you so much for the feedback! I will definitely tune up the wall jump mechanic. When you comeback, there should be more levels (and a story I guess) and hopefully a more enjoyable experience.

If I may ask, did the game run smoothly and if that your PC is a strong, gaming one. I'm going to change some of the code to optimize the game for lower end computers.

The game did run smoothly for me. Now, my computer is technically a gaming laptop (Razer Blade) but I do notice performance issues with some things I really shouldn't; I imagine it's because of the Intel graphics card. Depending on the day, I'll get massive slowdowns for no reason.

Out of curiosity, what kind of changes do you need to make to optimise?

I plan on using delta_time, or variable timing to base the mechanics on. Right now its based on FPS. I'm worried that performance might be inconsistent across different players.

Oh, yeah. Definitely use dt for any performance-based game. I'd say the only time FPS is the better option is in a combat game where inputs are primarily focused on visual cues. Even good computers can sometimes drop frames, and in a precision platformer game, even dropping 1 frame can destroy a setup, depending on the difficulty of the trick. : )